Bob Blues. Born under a piano in a brothel sometime last century.
Related to Jake and Elwood Blues.
Started to learn the bagpipes at the age of 5
Bag pipes surgically removed at the age of 5 years and 2 weeks.
Took up Trumpet at age of 6 which was surgically removed 2 weeks later.
Desperately looking for something to play that wouldn't upset punters took up the Church Organ. During one boring church service, found the playing the blue note in Mozart's Requiem was more fun than playing is straight and was booted out.
Played with various blues bands until told to join the Army or go to jail. (twice)
Eventually, after being shot at and accidentally blown up by his own troops, now plays freelance Hammond with any band that is willing to cover his extensive Bar Tab. Star Sign: (one of the early ones)
Loves: Blues
Hates: Discos
Favorite moments: Playing to 4000 at a Blues Festival.
Lives: in Sidmouth
Favorite saying: It wasn't me
Least favorite: How Much?
Druring warmer Sundays, can be found Busking on the seafront playing Blues, Jazz and swing on an Electric Sax.

Now Runs Sid Valley Radio and trying to make it the Best Local Community Radio Station for the Sid Valley
Adrian Brown. HR Director at Sid Valley Radio Adrian presents his "Mod Slot" between 10.00-12.00 on Sunday mornings – in his own words, "Bringing you fantastic pop, rock, soul, ska and jazz from the last seven decades", adding modestly, "the best music you’ll hear, this, or any other weekend".
A true Cockney, Adrian hails from East London, coming to East Devon via Cambridge, Somerset, and (in his dreams) the South of France. His interests include cricket, modern jazz, wine, military history, beer, mid-20th century British design, the films of Alfred Hitchcock, gin, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, the works of Dimitri Shostakovich and sleeping in the garden (this is not an exhaustive list). His greatest claim to fame is that in 1984, he bowled (badly) to Geoffrey Boycott in the nets at Headingley.
As he approaches his 60th birthday, Adrian is adamant that he will mark the occasion by having his first tattoo, so he can declare the one true love of his life for all the world to see. However, his wife (A.K.A the current Mrs. Brown), has said he’d look pretty ridiculous going around with the name of Frank Sinatra emblazoned across his chest. Adrian’s motto, one that he repeats several times a day, is "Where did I leave my glasses?".
Countryside Adventures with Ann.
Ann presents her show on Mondays 1-3pm
Mixing great 70's tracks with her tails of the countryside and especially bird watching.
High Energy Dance and Club Classics with
April Rose
Yes – that is her real name. No - she is not "that" April Rose (don’t ask!). Was pretending to be old enough to get into Clubs since she was 14… and has nurtured her passion for Dance Music ever since. You can keep the TV – but if you try and take her music system away…. you’ll have a fight on your hands.
Old enough to remember when most of the segways in today’s Dance music was in the charts the first time round. Young enough not to care. If it’s a tune – it’s a Tuuuune!!
Bringing 35 years of Club tunes to the Sid Valley and loving every minute :)
Fridays 7-9pm to get you in the mood for Friday evenings.
Janet Dowling kissed the Blarney Stone when she was young and has traveled the length and breadth of the UK finding the stories of the landscape and local peoples.
A deft hand at sword dancing she has capered with giants that stunned Europe and now devotes her time to time traveling from an alternate steampunk universe.
As well as curating the Sid Valley Radio Story Cafe for inquisitive adults!
Marrs lives in Broadclyst with his wife Lisa. He loves music especially music from the 1960s.
He is a record collector and has dj'd with his Psychedelic and Beat 7in vinyl collection at different events and clubs around the country including "immee Shelter" (Bristol), "The Crypt" (Brighton) - "Games for May Festival" (London), "Going Underground" (Cavern Exeter), "Marine Theatre" (Lyme Regis) amongst other events and supported psychedelic rock band "The Honey Pot" on their tour a couple of years ago.
He started his radio adventures supporting Carl Munson's "New Exeter Radio Show" supplying the music back in 2009. Then he moved to BayFM (Now Exmouth Air) in Exmouth where first with "The Smart Set" (60s garage and Psych) 2010 - 2016 and then "Aquarius" (Psych and Prog rock) 2016 - 2018 he built up experience and a following.
Got sacked for drinking Tea in the studio!
Now he has found a home with Sid Valley Radio as THE JUDGE on Monday nights 8pm to 10pm.
Star sign: Scorpio
Loves: Steak & kidney pudding
Hates: Beetroot
Favorite Moment: Holidaying with Wife Lisa
Lives: Broadclyst
Favorite saying: Oh go on then!
Least favorite: Lets touch base
Once big in the Criminal underworld as a Hatchet man before turning his back on crime. Now works as a motivational speaker for the Woman's Institute.
Can now be found working at Sid Valley Radio with Rosco's World Service; in between flower arranging and sorting Lego bricks.
Rosco is a Married Father, a lover of sport especially Cricket, Rugby and anything his son plays.
He is also a little eccentric and a music lover.
Stuart has a wealth of radio experience having initially been part of the later day pirate revolution of the 70’s. He was also involved with the setting up of Yeovil Hospital Radio Camelot ... In recent years he’s hosted the Breakfast Show on Exmouth based Bay FM until being struck down with life threatening pneumonia in 2015.
Stuart returned to a Sunday evening slot in 2017 and on the re-branded Exmouth AiR.
Now making the move to Sid Valley Radio with his unique ‘wall to wall’ style of presenting Stuart will be hosting the Breakfast Show 7.00 to 9.00am during the RSL on FM during Folk Week and will then be presenting various evening shows from his Temple Street studio.
Stuart is also available for disco’s , Birthdays, Weddings etc with his mobile roadshow ( contact the station for more information).
Gavin Stuart. Sid Valley Radio's answer to BBC2's Ken Bruce and Dr Finley.
Join Gavin for two hours of great music and Haggis Juggling every Friday from 1-3pm.
Stuart Preestly. Stuart has been making a racket in pubs and bothering the radio airwaves for over four decades. Now thankfully for all concerned he is retired from mobile DJ'ing spends his days trimming and dying his beard as well as putting the recycling out.
Stuart's irreverent presenting style is silly, sometimes sarcastic and often surreal.
On Stuart's "bucket list" are getting out of a chair without groaning and becoming a black belt in bicycle maintenance.
A refugee from the frozen North, Denese landed in Sidmouth some time ago and has since become a southern softie - rarely venturing north of Bristol without a sherpa, bobble hat and sheepskin mittens (and that's in August.)
Denese still retains some northern traits................a strange accent; the reputation for calling a spade a JCB and the inability to turn down a cup of tea ('brew' - surely) although she steadfastly refuses to sup from a saucer.
Not realising in her youth that classical music was pretty much everywhere Denese was blissfully unaware that she berated football teams (other than Liverpool FC) to the tune of Land of Hope and Glory and cannot hear Bach's Air on the G String without wanting to light up a cigar.
Denese's ambition is to convince those who say that they don't like classical music to admit that they probably do (they just don't know it.......)
On Lorrayn’s Radio Show she plays songs and tells stories from her music business career, leads a weekly Energy Healing Meditation and every week she has a special expert Health and Wellbeing practitioner who she interviews live on the show.
Lorrayn de Peyer is an Empowerment Coach and Vocal Coach, Expert in the Law of Attraction, Energy Healer and Transitions Alignment Consultant. She has a Health and Wellbeing Practise in Devon where she runs weekly groups and she also sees clients on a 1-2-1 basis both online and face to face for healing, empowerment and singing tuition. She also has a practise in London.
Lorrayn is just finishing her book THE COURAGE TO SING which is about her journey to overcome her shyness to become a professional singer where she describes the techniques, she has developed in supporting thousands of people unlock their creative potential, move through their fears, blocks and negative thinking towards self-expression, growth, vitality, love and abundance on all levels.
In her career as a Singer-Songwriter she has performed and recorded all over the world. Her most recent album The Voice of Courage is available on Amazon and iTunes. Her work has been written about and reviewed in the American and British press and she has appeared on British and American TV and radio. A Daily Express reporter said Lorrayn left her “Walking on cloud nine” and The Boston Herald, USA described her as “A healer” with “practically nuclear energy”.
Rod I'm just a kid stuck in a man's body.
An avid Gooner and sports fan. A lego geek with far too many sets to count. A movie buff and a Sci fi freak. Spend as much time as I can raising money for charities.

Died and crossed over in October 2016 but escaped the Grim Reaper and came back. Now crossing things to do off my bucket list at an alarming speed .

Never, though, did the thought of being a radio presenter cross my mind but I seized the opportunity and am loving the experience.